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Financial Planning

At Ipanema Wealth, we believe in an independent and transparent approach to financial planning.  Our consultants will help you to make informed financial decisions and offer local and international solutions accordingly. 

  • Are you an expatriate or foreign national in Latin America?
  • Are you a Latin American with overseas assets?
  • Would you like to discuss estate and inheritance tax planning?
  • Would you benefit from an independent financial review?


Our Process

Our dialogue starts with an introductory meeting to understand your financial objectives. Our fact find process allows both advisor and client to identify your key priorities and establish an action plan. We then research and evaluate tailored solutions in order to meet your goals in a cost-effective manner.

At our ongoing review meetings, we discuss any changes to your circumstances and objectives and update the fact find accordingly. We believe that long term success requires open and honest communication from both client and advisor and we encourage you to inform us of relevant changes in your financial and family circumstances.

Risk tolerance

Every individual has their own personal tolerance to risk and we explain this in detail before making any recommendations. We have a culture of being transparent with expectations and we are not afraid to challenge our clients if we believe that their approach might fall short of meeting their personal objectives.

Note: Ipanema Wealth does not conduct direct activity in capital markets.

 Retirement planning

We all need to take ownership of planning for our retirement especially given increasing life expectancies.  Due to insufficient planning, many people have no alternative other than working into their old age and reducing their spending and quality of life.  This is even more important for busy and internationally mobile individuals who may accumulate wealth in different countries without being able to administer the investment strategy, performance and fees.

We recommend a structured and disciplined approach to retirement planning. Ideally, one should start saving at an early stage of their career to maximise the long term benefits of accumulation. We often advise clients, who are starting at a later stage of life, to identify measures to boost their retirement planning.

We also review our clients’ existing arrangements with providers in to identify how we can enhance returns and reduce administrative costs; even small differences accumulate to significant gains over the long term.  

 Children’s education planning

University and school fees have steadily increased above the rate of inflation over recent decades. Private school fees and university fees are a major expense especially if your children are studying overseas.

Planning for education costs in advance is crucial to ensure that you are not struggling to finance such costs out of current cashflow. We help our clients to calculate children’s education costs and create a savings strategy.

 Wealth management

Our consultants advise clients on structuring their wealth and optimising performance via a bespoke asset allocation.  We believe in a diversified asset allocation by asset type, geographical region, industry sector and currency to manage risk and ensure long-term growth.

We work with a selective group of highly reputable institutions in the most secure and stable jurisdictions in the world.

Orphaned clients

We often find ourselves being approached by individuals who would like us to manage their existing investment arrangements. In some cases, they have been abandoned by their advisors and need urgent support to improve performance and remove unnecessary costs.  

Please see our video on distressed’ clients here.

Money transfers

Banks are usually very expensive to make foreign currency transactions. Expatriates and foreign residents are often concerned about the timing and cost of money transfers.

Contact us and we will be able to help reduce costs and advise you on an appropriate strategy.