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Social Impact

We believe that our goals should also include improving society and helping those in a vulnerable situation. 


Our partners have held fundraising events for local charitable causes in Rio de Janeiro which provide complementary education for underprivileged children. Our 3 variety shows, ‘Rio Inspired’ (2016-2017) raised money for Streetchild United, EduMais and Infância sem Fronteiras.

Our World Cup lunch (2014) generated awareness and monthly contributions for SITAWI ‘Finance for Good’.

Other notable fundraisers include the Rio Half Marathon (2018) and Run the Night (2017). We welcome the support of collaborators and donors. 

‘Finance for Good’ concept

We advise key clients and donors on a social loan fund, in which donations are converted into lower interest loans to social enterprises.  These loans are repaid and the funds are available for new lending and the cycle continues. In such fashion, our social impact is multiplied in Brazil.  

For those wishing to contribute larger sums to achieve a specific social outcome, we are able to provide some analysis and connect you to the right organisations. 


Microfinance involves the provision of credit and financial services to groups of people, mostly in less-developed countries, that are excluded from access to such services.

Its underlying social objective is to create a more inclusive financial system and empowering the poor to support them with income-generating activities. 

We advise clients and donors on microfinance schemes in Brazil, Latin America and beyond.