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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire an international financial planner?

An international financial planner is able to understand your current position and future goals. We can add value by making qualified recommendations to help you and your family achieve your financial objectives in a structured manner.

Expatriates and busy executives typically have more complex needs because it is difficult to stay up to date on changing regulations and product solutions in more than one country, without the help of an experienced professional.

What is the profile of the ‘typical Ipanema Wealth client’?

Anyone with a serious interest in their financial future and anyone with an interest in one or more of the services mentioned on this website. Most of our clients are expatriates or mobile Latin American executives although we have a variety of other client profiles such as high net worth families, junior entrepreneurs, doctors, individuals who require estate planning or asset diversification, individuals who are moving in/out of Brazil, the US or the EU (and more).

Contact us and let’s discuss if we are the right firm to help with your enquiry – and if not, we will gladly recommend another suitable firm.

Do you host events for clients?

We hold breakfast seminars in Rio de Janeiro every fortnight for our existing and potential clients and on an ad-hoc basis in São Paulo. We invite people to contact us in advance (via the contact form or email) if they are interested in attending and we welcome questions to add to the agenda.

How does your fee structure work?

There is no charge for the first consultation, either in person or via a phone call. Thereafter, based on the nature of the enquiry, we charge on an hourly basis or more commonly, a fixed fee for advice with a defined scope which can be proposed after our initial meeting.

For assets under advice, we charge a fixed time-based fee or agree an annual management fee directly with the financial institution. Our fee structure offers good value for money, especially given our independent approach, compared to the higher fees charged by larger professional services companies.

How are you regulated?

We act as financial planners and do not recommend specific financial assets. This is explained in the international and Brazilian disclaimer.

We provide advice on certain overseas jurisdictions and in relevant cases, we make direct referrals to reputable professionals outside our immediate network.

Any interaction with capital markets is undertaken by qualified professionals on a referral basis. 

Does Ipanema Wealth have access to client assets?

Never. We are advisors.  All contracts and payments exist between the client and the financial institution(s).

How many clients do you service?

Our partners service approximately 120 clients (May 2019) and we have advised over 250 clients in total since we started in 2013. 

I have read the testimonials on the home page. Are you able to provide more detailed references?

For reasons of client confidentiality, we only provide relevant client references, subject to their permission, after a meeting with a prospective client.

Will my personal information be kept confidential?

It is our policy not to discuss our clients’ personal information with anyone, including those that have referred you to us. We do not sell or share our client list or information with any organisations – even if our client relationship were not to continue.

Please review our full Privacy Policy at the bottom of each page.